Myths & Genuine Truth Regarding Taking IELTS on a Computer

The word IELTS is frequently abbreviated as the International English Language Testing System. This is done to ensure that individuals can study freely on a global scale, with no barriers. Furthermore, the IELTS exam is constructed in such a way that some frequent misconceptions are unavoidable. You must be aware of the circumstances that are causing your delusional state. After a long wait, the IELTS exam is finally available in both computer-based and paper-based modes.

Students are more confused about both systems. They have circulated additional misinformation regarding the computer-based test. Most students are unaware that both strategies provide benefits. You only need to learn the necessary information to avoid future regrets. However, we built this article to make sure you have no trouble taking the computer-based test. If you wish to look into this further, you have a high chance of finding the right IELTS Institute in Patiala.

Here is a selection of a few misconceptions that are becoming a permanent presence in the minds of test-takers;

Please read this page attentively so that you do not have any issues with the IELTS computer-based test.

Myth 1: The IELTS test format is fundamentally different for computer-delivered and paper-based tests.

Test takers feel that the IELTS exam formats have various course frameworks. According to this, kids frequently ask a variety of questions concerning this. The basic truth is that both IELTS test formats are identical. They have equal content and difficulty levels. If you are hesitant to take the computer-based IELTS exam, you are most likely living in a superstitious bubble.

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There’s a good chance you acquired inaccurate information from a friend and began to believe it entirely. This is not correct. Try to conduct some research to find reliable information about topics. The only difference between the IELTS tests is that the IELTS on the computer is typically conducted using a computer. However, the IELTS one paper will surely be included in the paper.

Myth #2: All four IELTS modules can be done on a computer.

If you think you have to stop reading, writing, listening, and chatting on the internet, you are entirely wrong. All four modules will not be completed using a computer. Students frequently ask their mentors how many modules are required to appear on the computer. They frequently feel that the computer-based test demands them to present on all of the computer’s modules. In actuality, the student should understand that the computer-delivered IELTS will only cover writing, reading, and listening tests.

Students must, however, go to the examination hall for the speaking test. It will almost probably necessitate a face-to-face encounter with an expert. It is well known that the IDP has successfully implemented the video calling speaking test in the majority of IELTS centers. Students will be allowed to administer tests online.

Myth 3: IELTS on the computer is far easier than the paper-based IELTS test.

If you think taking IELTS on the computer is easier than the paper-based test, you’re entirely wrong. The students just need to stick this information in their mind that both formats of the exam follow the same criteria to give scores. We’d like to inform you that both tests are the same. They have the same difficulty level, questions, and topic.

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Furthermore, it is completely erroneous to conclude that one of these two formats is easier than the other. Choosing a format determines the entire game. If you feel one exam is more difficult than the other, you are entirely mistaken. Consider reading this article so you can take notes on anything throughout the IELTS exam.

Myth 4: Students have the freedom to become part in the IELTS exam from anywhere & anytime.

This is one of the most often-held misconceptions among students. Yes, you can take the IELTS examination on a computer. However, this does not provide the surety about you having the independence to choose the exam date on your choice. Before proceeding, you must first apply for an appropriate date using the IDP portal.

Make sure you cannot take the IELTS exam anyplace. Students must schedule their test dates before taking the exam. Things can go sideways or not according to the plan of your choice for your upcoming IELTS exam. So, let’s extensively discuss the important myths and find their reality check at the best PTE Institute in Patiala.


Generally, myths can become the anchor holding you down in the sea of preparing for the IELTS exam. Your ship is prone to sinking eventually if you constantly feel distractions and myths holding you back from your future goals.

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